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Feel the breeze of class! All our Tours are performed in First Class Comfort and Style!

EKOL TRAVEL has been established since 1985. Our aim has always been to promote Turkish tourism, and to be a leading travel agent in providing handling services for international tour operators which are marketing Turkey & Greece in Europe and overseas.

We also pride ourselves in the personal touch we give to our individual travelers. Our executives have over 30 years of experience in travel business but still bear the spirit of wonder which keeps them excited, creative and dynamic.

EKOL TRAVEL is well known for providing Historical, Religious, Cultural, Informative and Memorable Programs & Tours for individuals, families and small groups! We have listed various program & tour options available at any time of the year and we customize any service to suit each of your wishes. Plus, if you have a special program you would like to enjoy that we do not list, we will provide you that ‘customized’ program. And if you are a repeated traveler, we will come up with alternative options for you!

Our company has always kept our customer-focused philosophy ahead of commercial interests, which leads us to our goal of quality rather than quantity. Therefore, we stand for the saying: “We would forgo profit for before we compromise the trust and satisfaction of our customers.” This has resulted in Ekol Travel being known as one of the best travel agents in Turkey’s tourism sector.

We hope that you will include EKOL TRAVEL, in your travel plans this year!

Best Regards
Ekol Travel Team
Ekol Travel & Tourism Ltd


Sehap AKIN
Managing Director

He has extensively worked and traveled worldwide-especially in the United States, life-learning the expectations of other nationalities traveling to Turkey and Has a strong background in travel sector, business development, and managing several projects.
He rafted a boutique business plan which became Ekol Travel in 1985 and now one of the most reputable travel agencies in Turkey. With a comprehensive knowledge and an enormous passion in Tourism world, he always pursues his team to successfully promote Turkey & Greece on a global level.

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Valentina SAYILIR
Sales Manager

Taught by her parents to design clothes, she completely blows their mind deciding to design travels instead. For next 17 years she involved herself in travel consulting, product knowledge, marketing and launching of new destinations. She has joined the Ekol Travel from her motherland Romania as a travel professional. She is supposed to be the granddaughter of "Dracula" :) In Turkey she settles down to start her own little family and pursue her journey in Tourism Industry. She is the life saver of Ekol Travel with her incredible I.Q and beloved of all her individual clients since she is the chief executive of Ekol reservations department. Always smiling and kind personality, loves sharing her passion for tailor-made programs.

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Accounting Manager

She has been working in the accounting department of travel industry for over 15 years. She handles a number of corporate and individual accounts with two of her assistants. She takes care all the incomes and expenses and sometimes a nightmare when it comes to payments. :)

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Istanbul Office Manager

Mr.Cem Ozcan (Jim) is the Manager of Ekol Travel in Istanbul. He has been in travel industry for over 25 years. He is also known as "Mr. solution". He is a great person to work with for his team in Istanbul as he has got a great sense of humor. He never quits smiling even when he cries in pain. He meets the most complicated problems in cold blood with a smile on his face.

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