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Paros one of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea, is explored from Paroikia (Paros Town) This island capital is a labyrinth of white houses clustered around the extraordinary Ekatontapyliani - the Church of a Hundred Doors. Legend says that there are 99 doors already discovers and upon finding the hundredth, Constantinople will be reunited with Greece. Also visit the Venetian castle, built on the site of an acropolis overlooking the sea. From Paroikia you can also go to Naoussa, the Monastery of St John and Prodromos.

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Departures: Parikia-town
Duration: 4 hrs
Highlights: HD Coach Tour of Paros Island
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Departures: Parikia
Duration: 4 hours
Highlights: HD TOUR to Andiparos